Tuesday, 7 May 2013

It's is best discribed through pictures

 Meet sweet Nancy, she is one of the amazing missionaries that our church has. She is currently working in South Sudan in the area of public health. I am so thankful for her and luck to have had the privilege to get to know her through this conference in South Africa.
 I would also like to introduce you to Bob and Christy, they are and adorable couple serving in the DRC. We were lucky enough to have shared Christmas with them this past December. If you want to be inspired just meet these amazing people.
 This banner was in the cathedral in Cape Town. It's a beautiful prayer for Africa.
 This is one of the wonderful people I met on the way back to Nairobi from Dar es Salam. Her name is Caryn she is traveling to Kampala to start school. Her dream is to be an accountant like her father and to help her mom and brother out of a difficult family situation.
 This was my initiation into the African Divine Church through a prayer and placing of a head scarf which is worn by all members. The meaning of the colors is the blood of Jesus and the green represents earth while the white is the light of God.
 In the center of the picture with the white robe is the Archbishop of the African Divine Church with his mother in the pink and major leaders walking to meet the youth as they are marching to pay their respects to the grave of their founder.
 After paying respects to the founder I marched with the group singing and dancing throughout town (just outside Kisumu town in Western Province Kenya) as we made our way back to the Boyiani Mission Headquarters.
 Some of my great friends who escorted me to town. These children stay at the Archbishops compound so we got to be great friends by the end of my stay.
 The lovely ladies and my great friends at the Archbishops residence. These ladies taught me so many things including how to make ugali and greens.
 On the far left is my sweet Valentine who I helped with Biology and she helped me with Swahili. She went almost everywhere with the Bishop (her father) and me. She was such a blessing to me and I am so grateful for her kindness.
 Sweet kids playing jump rope outside. Yes, they had me try but it did not last long at all.
 'Grand' (the mother to Archbishop) she was so fun and I got to visit her each morning and try to understand her swahili because she spoke no English.
The girls taught me how to carry the ugali flower on my head, it's much easier than carrying it by hands.

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