Sunday, 27 January 2013

It has been too long

The combination of my sensitive stomach, love of fruit and adventurous behavior recently have made me an excellent target to get some random stomach infection that left me in the hospital vomiting for two days straight. Thank goodness for my host parents who live just up the street from me and the fact that my host dad is a doctor also helped quite a bit. I am happy to say I was taken care of very well for a fraction of what it would have cost in the states. Every time I gagged the first night I was in the hospital there was a nurse that followed me around and said sorry which was possibly like 40 times. 
I am sure you have heard enough of the gruesome details of my hospital experience so I would like to continue with apologizing for my lack of postings recently. The holidays were quite a busy time, we traveled for a retreat to mount Kenya for a safari, I showed a fellow YAV around Nairobi and ate so much food at our site coordinators house. I also have some great news about a new job that I have recently taken on at a local public school in downtown Nairobi. I have begun swim coaching part time along with my position a the OAIC. I absolutely love working with the kids and I can't wait to get to know the teachers at the school better! The whole school seems like one Giant family and it truly helps make the experience worth while. We will soon be going to galas (swim meets) in the area and I will be sure to inform you of the latest news from our program.  
I have literally had the best week ever. Pastor Edward from Family TV (he also put me in connection with the swimming gig) who I connected with before invited me to church at St. Andrews this morning. I spent like five hours in church and in the end of it came out with two new group memberships. One call Friends of God which is a group of youth that sing gospel for churches in the area they were so great to invite me in. I also will start the praise team for the youth church at St. Andrews this coming week. I am so excited about all of it. Not only that but pastor Edward Introduced me to his lovely wife who I am so thankful to have met. We had a great conversation and it was so nice to have another connection in such a great church community here. I cannot wait to continue to worship here! 

Earlier this week on the way home from coaching I took the matatu home then caught a motor bike back to street where I live I ran into a lovely woman named Sara. We started talking and she told me about her family and she taught me some Swahili as we walked. She asked if I was a Christian and I said yes we talked about how God has blessed her. She asked me if I had a husband I said no and she said you are just looking for the right one. She told me make sure he is strong and faithful so he doesn't leave you for another woman like mine did. She then said she would pray for me that I find a good husband. Now I'm not looking at the moment it just struck me how kind a stranger on the street could be, I just home that we can run into one another soon. 

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