Monday, 10 December 2012

Hello Family!

I hope all are well! I just wanted to update you on a few of my most recent experiences since it has been a while.

Yesterday I escorted a Professor and husband to an African Independent Church called the Holy Spirit Church of East Africa. It was a very interesting experience that I wish all of you could be apart of, it will truly open your eyes to a new type of worship and praise. We started the five to six hour service at 11am and began with singing and dancing. Yes people dance, drum and even clap in their all white robes marked with a red cross. The white robes represent purity and the red crosses stand for the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The women and children sit on one side of the church and the men on another. As the worshipers enter the church, they take off their shoes and come to praise God as themselves in this most simplistic manner.

I got responses from Steve, the former Baptist Preacher and Researcher currently and his wife Professor Karen immediately following the service. I could not agree more with what they said.  Steve said, ' It is a great blessing to visit African Churches, whichever church I visit I am blessed so much. I have visited many churches in the U.S.A. and have to say that the African Churches are more joyous. To see the amount of joy these people get from Jesus is inspirational. I wish every American could visit and African Church. Being able to visit an African Church might be the best reason for me to come to Africa. Regardless of the denomination of church here in Africa, there is a strong sense that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter the worship style or language, it is clear that we are one in Spirit.'

An interesting part of worship was the fact that visions were talked about by members of the congregation and were interpreted by a profit. One vision for example seen by a man who saw an avocado tree with red berries. The profit would say how this related to what God was doing in their lives at the time. Seeing peoples visions be interpreted might sound ridiculous to us at home, but it is something that we have to respect as apart of their culture and worship. Worshiping here in Kenya is not a task but a lifestyle and fun at that. It is something I look forward to going to where I can feel free to be myself. I truly wish all of you could experience a worship service here in Kenya it would truly open your eyes.

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