Monday, 1 October 2012

Last weekend I marked many items off my Kenyan bucket list. 
1. Learn how to cook Kenyan style 
  - Not only did I do this with my new kikuyu momma she taught me how to prepare a complete meal starting with a live chicken. You can probably guess what I am about to tell you next... Yeah we learned how to slaughter the chicken pluck it and then cook.  It was organic eating at its best. We learned how to make the bananas (which is similar taste to a potato stew with carrots and thick cream) which is delicious.  I also was taught how to boil Kenyan tea with lots of milk and sugar, it gives Sweet tea a run for its money. 
2. See Mount Kenya 
- This beautiful peak is the tallest in Kenya and as we woke up to roosters in the morning we saw the beauty right outside our door. Maybe one day while here I will get the chance to climb it! 

Basically the village was beautiful as you can see from the pictures I have previously posted and a wonderful truly Kenyan experience. 

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