Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"Too often, Africa is still presented as a helpless victim of her own making; a land of unparalleled riches, startling beauty,….of strange and at times primitive tribal customs, civil disorder, armed militias; of child labour, child soldiers, mud huts, open sewers, and shanty-towns; of corruption, dictatorship and genocide. These and other perceptions have framed the world’s response to Africa.This has caused a dangerous psychological process that subtly convinces Africans they are unable to chart their own destiny. Whereas, in fact, tens of millions of African women and men go about their lives responsibly, work hard and educate their children, often without means. These are the real African heroes and the world should hear more about them." - Wangari  Maathai 

In honor of her memorial service I would like to thank and recognize those hard working African people who stand beside me and are working towards the betterment of their communities. 

With my host sister this past weekend I went to Nairobi fashion market and worked to promote Nairobi Women Hospital and encourage women to take time to better their health. I helped with registration for taking blood sugar and encouraged women to get the free check ups in honor of breast cancer awareness month! 

I also got to see Kenyan celebrities at the event. Above is Nonny Gathoni the host of The Wedding Show on Citizen TV in Kenya.

These lovely ladies above organized Nairobi Fashion Market and work on local events in the area.

Above is a picture taken at Nairobi Fashion Market of a local clothing line. Aren't they beautiful! 
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