Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My first day of work at the Organization of African Instituted Churches was AMAZING!!! If you didn't know I am working in the communications department specifically updating the website and writing stories about key events and functions the OAIC is involved in.  I will also be starting up a program for youth in the informal settlements to bring them together through sports and other activities. It will be a type of mentor program where the youth can talk out their issues and problems they face to create commonality and friendships across these various locations in Nairobi. Needless to say I am up for a busy yet exciting year ahead. 

My first day of work was spent attending a memorial service for Professor Wangari Maathai the Nobel Peace prize winner in 2004.  I was so honored to not only hear my site coordinator preach a message on Professor Maathai but also hear the Vice President, Prime Minister and other influential people in Kenya. If you do not know about this amazing woman than I suggest you read any of her books or just do a little background research. She was an inspirational female leader for all of Africa for her founding Green Belt Movement and various roles in helping conserve the African forests.   It was so exciting to be at this memorial service and get a first glimpse of what I have to look forward to in the coming months.  

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